Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Twilight {and wine}

Yesterday Krystina and I watched the Twilight movie. We've been hearing about the movie and books from most all the other women in our lives and decided it was time that we also knew what all the fuss is about! :) (most girls I know just absolutely LOVE Edward Cullen - the main actor...and vampire)
We sat down with our wine and began the movie for our viewing pleasure!
It's really a pretty good movie...different and interesting. We both enjoyed it and already want to watch it again! A little wine and a good movie with my sister was a blast!! :)

I think the wine made me a little chatty because after the movie we were up for another hour or so just talking and talking...I love having the chance to stay the night with my sister, to relax, enjoy a glass of wine and spend time with her!

Now....we both want to read the books!!....need to find the time to do so.....
I'm off to work now...


  1. Wanna come over tomorrow night? LOL. I had fun too. Edward....was that the stunning boy you couldn't stop talking about??? (wink, wink). Cheers!

  2. don't you mean the boy that the girl at work couldn't stop talking about?!?! hehehe...

    (Krystina!! You're the only person that ever comments on my blog!!! thank you by the way, it makes me feel good!)

    And YES I would love to come over again soon!!!

  3. Well now I think I will post a comment on your blog. So it sounds like you had a blast on your evening together while Steven is roughing it up in Alaska,,,,,poor poor Steven. Glad you guys had a great time, now skip work and get to reading those books you want to read. ricky t

  4. Yay!! Thank you Ricky!! :)
    Oooooooooooo.....reading! I wanna do that soon! You have no idea how many books are on my list of books to read!!

    hhhmmmmm...I think my next post shall be my list of books!!

  5. here's a comment for ya....READ THE BOOKS!!!! they are way better girl!!!!!!!

  6. Thank you Manda!! I will!!! :D :D :D