About Me & My Blog

My name is Katherine and I love food! :)

About two years ago I tried out "blogging" and I had problems deciding what to write about, sometimes it was too personal and other times too general or I just rambled on and on...so I slacked off, honestly I just quit blogging all together. However I've always had the desire to start blogging again.

So,  here I am...now blogging about food! I've now been married for a little over a year and have discovered that I can actually cook! I'm no chef or connoisseur of the culinary arts...however I do love food and that's what drives me to try new things and to try to experiment.

If you know me, you'll know that I am a confident person...however when it comes to preparing something, especially food, I almost start shaking in my boots! In the past I procrastinated on many different things like projects for school, baking cookies for a bake sale, doing math problems or cooking dinners, just to name a few things. I now realize the reason I did that is because I was scared. I was scared to start something because I worried the end result wouldn't be good enough.

Cooking has helped me to discover that it's okay if you mess something up, you can try again until you get it right!! You might eat a few not-so-great meals and you may even have to throw out a few things, but these are great learning experiences. I cannot say I've completely kicked my procrastinating habit...however I am getting better than I used to be. Plus it helps that food tastes so good that you almost always have a great end to the project! :) I'd much rather enjoy a yummy meal than know I got a math problem correct!

This blog will mostly be recipes & my photos of these recipes. If you have anything to say regarding these recipes, have tried a similar recipe and would like to share your thoughts or would like me to try a recipe, please feel free to comment on the blog.

I hope you enjoy my posts & pictures! Enjoy!!

-Katherine Rose