Friday, May 29, 2009

Give Me Revelation

Lately I have felt confused about where my life is going, about what I am supposed to do with what I have and how it will bring me into the future that I hope for. I am sure most of these questions have been running through my head recently because graduation is looming ahead. It is so close and yet so far. I knew that these questions would arise, but I didn’t know that I would feel like I do. I still feel like I have no experience, no practical knowledge, no real understanding…I feel like I have nothing to offer my future.

Kinda sad isn’t it?

But, I cannot let these feelings stop me from really living my life. I am still young, still alive and still have so many opportunities to gain experience, practical knowledge and real understanding...As well as plenty of opportunities to screw up and make mistakes. I have heard that, often times, those are the best learning experiences. Knowledge does not hit us like a lightning bolt in one day – it progresses, it evolves, it grows. I hope that the things I have learned will progress and help me understand and get a good understanding of my life in the present so that I will not be quite so scared of the future.

So, I have decided to begin this blog with a prayer to express this time in my life, I feel like I need a revelation to understand the direction I am supposed to go next.

((Lord, please give me your revelation to help guide me in my everyday walk, so that I can be the woman that I want to be. I pray for your guidance and direction, help me to be receptive to all you have to offer me. Give me clean hands and a pure heart so that everything I do will be done to the best of my ability. Thank you Jesus for all that you have given me already, and thank you for the days to come…Amen.))

Here goes nothing!!

My favorite of lyrics from the Third Day song: Revelation

This time,
I know that you are holding all the answers
I'm tired of losing hope and taking chances,
On roads that never seem,
To be the ones that bring me home

Give me a revelation,
Show me what to do
Cause I've been trying to find my way,
I haven't got a clue
Tell me should I stay here,
Or do I need to move
Give me a revelation
I've got nothing without You
I've got nothing without You

I don't know where I can turn
Tell me when will I learn
Won't You show me where I need to go
Let me follow Your lead,
I know that it's the only way that I can get back home

Oh, give me a revelation...

I've got nothing without You
I've got nothing without You


  1. What a beautifully honest post. You are already on the right path. A path that realizes that you are nothing without Christ and that He's the one "holding all the answers." A year from now, you'll read this old post and smile. Dream Big. I love you.

  2. Sounds like you are already on the right path...a path that realizes that your savior holds all the answers. (Remember Matthew 6:33.)

    A year from now, you'll read this post and smile. Wonderful things are waiting for you Katherine. I love you.

  3. Hey Kat, I am sure that a year ago, graduation seemed so distant and you probably was not sure about that either and here you are. Keep God first and foremost and you can do anything.......Phil 4:13 I ya Ricky t