Monday, June 1, 2009

My life...over the last two weeks

Okay guys…so I’m new at this blog stuff…bear with me please :)

I’ve been on break from school for the last two weeks and I have had a blast at home! I slept in late, read a whole book – Angels and Demons, began another book – Come Thirsty, went wedding dress shopping for my sister, chilled by the Carter pool on Memorial Day with my best-ies Sarah & Lauren, had dinner with the family on the North Street porch, went on a long walk with my parents, made dinner for the family one night AND stayed the night with my sister and niece a couple of nights!!

The first weekend all the girls went shopping for Elizabeth’s wedding dress. The “girls” included Elizabeth, my Mom, Krystina, her daughter Marin, Amanda Redman, Kellie Kielman (mother-of-the-groom), Susan (mother of the mother-of-the-groom), Kayla (groom’s sister & a bridesmaid) and myself! Lots of girls = LOTS of fun!!
Here are a few pictures from my sister’s blog @

THEN…later in my break, I decided that I would cook dinner for the family! This is a pretty amazing feat for me because I have never been the “best cook,” and it frightens me some that I will totally screw up my endeavor. But I took on the task because I really wanted to prove that I could do it!

My dish of choice: Mexican Pot Pie (a recipe given to me by Elizabeth, who received it from a friend at work…who I have no idea where she got the recipe from! Hehehe…)

Ingredients: (mine was a double recipe – so that’s how I’ll give the directions…)
2 cans of Crescent Recipe Creations baking sheet
1 can of refried beans
1 package of Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice (Spanish Style microwavable)
1 package of shredded cheese
AND your choice of meat, you may use any type of fajita meats, or chicken, in my case I used ground beef.

Now – take one can of the crescent rolls and lay it in the bottom of a cake baking pan, be sure that it touches the edges.
See photo:

Smooth out a layer of refried beans, and then add a layer of rice (after you have micro-waved it of course!  It only takes 90 seconds to do so…)
See photo:

Now add a layer of your meat and then a layer of cheese…
See photo:

Top it off with the second Crescent Roll baking sheet and put in the oven at a temp of 375 degrees & bake for just about 15 to 20 minutes!
I served dinner with a mixture of avocado mixed with picante sauce, extra rice, corn, chips & a bean dip mixture with cheese and picante sauce. For drinks we had tea with lemon slices…
Dinner is served!!!

This last weekend I spent a lot of time with Krystina & Marin, I have loved every minute of it. From moments where Marin would be squealing with delight as aunt “Kay-kay” played with her, to chatting with Krystina about her amazing creative ideas and even taking pictures of Krystina’s wonderful new creations for Marin’s 2nd b-day party.

Sooo....there's a little recap for ya'll!!
and I just want to say thank you family for a fun couple of weeks, I have really enjoyed the break…

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  1. Yippie! Me too. It's been so nice having you around. We Love you, Kay-kay!!!