Saturday, June 20, 2009

Breakfast Creation

This week I have been trying to eat a good well rounded breakfast. Eggs, toast, bacon and some cheese! I decided to take this idea from my boyfriend's father, Joe Emerson. (Thank you Joe!!) One morning, while at their house, Joe made me some breakfast. When the plate was set down in front of me I was slightly confused. I saw two pieces of toast...but I didn't immediately notice the eggs. Nestled in the middle of the white bread there was a circle of a different texture. The egg was in the center of the bread!! Joe said that he invented this method of frying eggs when he was trying to figure out how to keep the egg from spreading all over the pan. Enjoy!

Here is my own rendition...

I used his basic idea and then I modified it some.
I like wheat bread a little that was my bread of choice!
What you do is take a piece of bread and "cut" a hole out of the middle with the opening of a glass. Put butter in the pan and place the bread in! NEXT you'll crack the egg and pour it into the circular opening in the it like you would a normal fried egg and flip it when you feel necessary. After cooking the egg, I put a slice of American Cheese on top of it...I then topped that with some turkey you can see in the photo I also toasted the "circle" from the toast with some cheese just to make it pretty!

I enjoyed my breakfast creation and let me know if ya'll do too!!

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