Monday, August 31, 2009 5 years...

Krystina asked me about my ambitions for the next five years…and it really almost surprised me some of the things that came out of my mouth. I do of course want to be married to Jesse by then…but the other things I spouted off were –

- I hope that we will be buying a house by that time
- I want a job that is steady, but not “same ole, same ole”
- I want to have the ability to travel…to experience things outside of my ‘normal’ life
- I’d love to live in a city
- I want to have an office with a big window where I can see the sky/trees/pretty buildings
- I want a yard and a dog that we can take care of
- I would love to be financially stable enough to do whatever we wanted
- I want to go, go, go….
- …to do FUN things while we’re still young…
- I want to take long weekend trips
- I don’t want to be old and boring…
- I do NOT want to get stuck in Livingston
- I want a job that is exciting and that I really enjoy being a part of
- I want to take adventures
- I want to be the kind of person that other people really like to be around…

I want us to be able to enjoy the time that we have…and I want to keep that enthusiasm for years to come.

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  1. So initially I was going to comment on one of your more recent food blogs, I love the photography btw!!!, however I read this and thought it was so sweet. It's great to see that you have accomplished a lot of what you wanted already. I especially think you are a pro at being a joy to others!!!! Really can't wait to read your food blogs!!!!