Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I am a pro-procrastinator!

I am a pro-procrastinator! 

Procrastinator confession: I wrote this post yesterday and told myself I would post it tomorrow! 

I started this blog, to the day, 5 years ago. May 29, 2009. I blogged off an on for a little while, quit completely for a while and then blogged again about my food adventures...but quit again a little while later. 

I have such great ideas, plans, dreams...but I just can't quite seem to get them off the ground. My goal at the beginning of 2014 was to start blogging again. Well...Here we are almost halfway through 2014, and I just keep thinking about it and never doing it! 

Oh believe you me, I've come up with excuses:
• I can't commit to even one post a month
• My pictures aren't pretty enough
• I ramble too much 
• No one is really gonna want to follow my blog anyway 
• ...I need to go cook dinner
• I should be working on my budget right now
• Laundry, laundry, laundry
• It's midnight already...
• I'm not interesting enough
• Work takes up all my time
• I don't have time to blog

And yet I keep coming back to a desire to blog! I want to share exciting experiences. 
I want to show the young, newly married woman that you CAN learn to cook! (I thought I was gonna be the biggest failure of a wife/cook/housekeeper...don't get me wrong, I'm still learning, but that's the point! You CAN learn to do what you really want to do!) 
I want to share my love of the color yellow. 
I want to enrich people's lives with beautiful photography. 
I want to help people live healthier lives by introducing them to the multitudes of benefits that Young Living Essential Oils has given to me. 
I want to encourage the depressed, to share the Love that my God so generously shares with me. 
I want to share how awesome marriage can be. 
I want to be adventurous!

I want to share my adventures in cooking, life and love! 

SO... here's to the end of procrastination and the beginning of adventures! 

Five years ago, I prayed this prayer and I'll continue to pray it: ((Lord, please give me your revelation to help guide me in my everyday walk, so that I can be the woman that I want to be. I pray for your guidance and direction, help me to be receptive to all you have to offer me. Give me clean hands and a pure heart so that everything I do will be done to the best of my ability. Thank you Jesus for all that you have given me already, and thank you for the days to come…Amen.)) 

May we all be reminded to pray: 
"Dear Jesus, give me revelation...I've got nothing without you."

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